“Dr. Reef is an unbelievable psychiatrist, medical doctor, speaker and thought leader. His knowledge and understanding of the field of human behavior is outstanding and whenever I have the opportunity to talk to him, I’m always so amazed and interested in his explanation of the things I am experienc… Read more

Jacqueline C.

This was my favorite session of the summit. Great research and relevant information presented in a fun and entertaining manner!

“My life started to completely turn around when I met Reef Karim. Like an emotional detective, he expertly identified my problematic behaviors and almost immediately recognized what was driving them. When I left his office, I was astonished that someone had finally, and so accurately, seen me – as n… Read more

Sam Page

Dr. Reef, you are the real-deal kinda psychiatrist that we need. By we, I don’t just mean identified patients, I mean, all of us. I love the way you make treatment feel more like personal development
than a sick person doctor visit.

And I *love* that you — totally look to the world as a man on a mi… Read more

Christy R.
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